Our Latest Projects

Canada Loyal Construction has successfully completed a variety of both indoor and outdoor residential projects, ranging from fine cabinetry to architectural concrete. Here is just a sample of our latest projects.

Mckee Mantle

Fireplaces are good examples of a traditional social focal point in the home that can be enhanced and made more useful, rather than have the area around them remain blank and without use. [more…]

Sylvan Shake Siding

Shake siding offers an elegant finish to a home, but requires much more skill to do properly than stucco or plain siding. This is especially so with houses having an irregular design and windows of  [more…]

West Vancouver Deck

Given this home’s ocean view, and the fact that many properties in the area have steep slopes for front yards, a deck is an obvious value-added feature. They can range from simple rectangular [more…]

We have extensive experience with these types of projects, which ensures the finished product is functional, looks good, and remains within budget.